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Things Japanese Parents Do to Avoid Their Kids Becoming Picky Eaters

Feeding your children is like a nightmare to some parents. Most of the time, children hate eating nutritional food and make a fuss over eating, making their parents stressed out. In contrast, Japanese parents are experts in convincing their children to eat without throwing tantrums and crying and spitting food all over. In this article, we present to you how Japanese parents do this miracle to their parents. 

01. Give them new food to taste and experiment

Children hate eating the same food as they get bored easily. So Japanese parents take it seriously to let their children taste new food items and experiment with whether they like that taste or not. Studies show that kids who are open to a wide range of food tend to be interested in healthy diets when they grow up. When your kids eat different types of food, their taste develops. So let them eat different food items to understand their taste. Also, do not repeat the same food. Instead, feed them different food with different tastes.

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02. Allow them to enjoy eating

The main reason why children do not eat is forcing them to eat food that they hate. As a parent, you should not be too strict about feeding your kid healthy meals. Let them have treats. Including treats in kids’ meals will increase their interest in eating. Also, make the act of eating enjoyable by playing small games with your kids.  

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03. Use smaller plates to serve food. 

You might be wondering about the logic between the plate and the eating. Serving on larger plates with a big amount of portions would discourage kids from eating. When you have small plates, they are encouraged to eat, and it helps them to figure out what they want to eat. The portion you consider normal for your kid might be too much for them. So make sure to measure before you serve food to your kids.

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04. Eat together as a family

Eating together as a family is a famous secret that has been used by Japanese parents. Letting your kids take part in the meal preparation encourages them to eat more. At the same time, when eating together, children hesitate to throw tantrums, they simply mimic their parents and eat when they are served. Do not make a big deal out of feeding your children. Do not show them that you are too concerned and worried about their food. Let it be a simple and normalized action of the day-to-day life of your kids. 

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05. Play and Exercise

Japanese parents often encourage their kids to engage in physical activities such as jumping and running. It is no secret that engaging in regular exercise results in consuming healthy meals. Do not let them coop up in their rooms to play video games, take them for a walk and let them play until they soak up in a sweat. When children get tired, they tend to eat more. 

Try these methods at home and witness the difference! Make the feeding process less fussy. 

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